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What’s worse than Ruining a job yourself? …Paying someone else and they Ruin it. Cleaning and Sealing Concrete requires more skills then it often appears. An unseasoned or untrained employee can easily run into an unexpected situation and irreparably etch your concrete, incorrect spraying can cause damaging cracks, which invite extra stains and outdoor factors that weaken concrete. That’s where Total Clean Team comes in.
Our wayAt Total Clean Team, we pride ourselves in cleaning and sealing concrete the right way. Don’t trust a fly by night pressure washer with your property, come to the Professionals. Our one-of-a-kind, three-step system is a better process for cleaning concrete and sealing. Thanks to our proven to work system and tested solution, you can have a space to enjoy again and for a fraction of the cost. We first spray the surface with our tested solution, lifting dirt particles and killing mold and mildew, we allow this to soak for 0 – 15 minutes for a deep clean. Second we rinse away the solution and stains, leaving the concrete with its original look. Lastly is a Sealant, this is always highly recommended. More Than Just Cleaning Simply cleaning concrete isn’t enough, A protective sealant is crucial. The third step of our system, this protects from U.V rays and weathering factors beating down on your concrete. Restoring concrete to its inviting beauty and recharging its sturdiness. clean concrete is wholesome concrete.

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