Top Quality Cleaning & Sealing for Your Log or Cedar Home.
Keeping Your Investments Clean and Protected

Conventional power or pressure washing can’t reach deep dirt without the risk of gouging your logs or cedar siding.

Our systems don’t use conventional power or pressure washers. Developed specifically with timber in mind and the safety your family, home and landscape as number one. We provide our homeowners with the necessary information and assist them in the right choice that suit there style and desire.

without proper care, timber wears down, sunlight fades colour, rain and snow beat it up, while mold and mildew attack leaving a unwanted look. Having a neighborhood power washer spray it down runs the large risk of gouging the timber, costing a great deal in repairs. We’re cleaning specialists, and taking sensitive care of your timber surfaces while cleaning, sealing or staining them is what we specialize in.

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