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The Total Clean Team approach maximizes roof life.  Our Soft-washing procedure is gentle and non-abrasive.  It is highly effective and efficient, giving us the ability to treat.  It ensures your roof is free of infestations. Our Etobicoke Roof Cleaning team specialize in the proper care of your Roof. Using our tested solution and proven to work the system, your roof will look its best and last significantly longer than leaving it uncleaned.

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Call us today, and we will put together an affordable, customized cleaning solution regardless the size of your Roof.  We are environmentally conscious specialists in the field.  We have succeeded in helping thousands of industrial, commercial, and residential property owners restore their building’s good looks without using harmful chemicals.

Homeowners in the Etobicoke are consistently replacing their roofs.  Prematurely, due to the damaging effects of moss, lichen or black streaking (mold). We will inspect your roof and identify any potential problems before formulating the best approach to clean your roof.  Your roof will appear brighter, richer and cleaner than it’s been in years.

Our trained professionals at Total Clean Team, have built our reputation of roof cleaning on all types, therefore being known as the leaders in the industry. We offer the most cost effective roof cleaning services, saving you thousands on unneeded replacements.