Mobile Fleet Wash

Keep your company image sharp while protecting your fleet for corrosion

We know how important it is to project a positive image while their trucks are on the road. At Total Clean Team Inc., We offer the highest quality and most cost effective mobile fleet washing services with custom solutions to your needs.

At Total Clean Team Inc., we pride ourselves on being a reliable mobile washing service that consistently performs a quality job. Our cleaning process was designed specifically for highest quality mobile wash service, with our biodegradable solutions that are tested and used by NASA and Bowing we are able to bring you Aerospace technology right here on the ground. This process is tough enough to remove road film, exhaust stains or even unwanted grease, yet gentle enough to use on fabrics and carpets. But it doesn’t stop there our solution only used by us will even inhibit corrosion to protect your fleet/equipment from rust. Our cleaning teams are trained to provide quality cleaning of all painted surfaces, bumpers, wheels, rims, exterior frame, windows, mirrors, gas tanks, and grills for a perfect, worry free clean every time.

We are able to schedule the cleaning of your fleet when it is least active. Many fleets work 24hrs a day but remain dormant during the weekend, therefore Total Clean Team can have it looking appealing and presentable by Monday morning, giving your drivers a clean start to a new work week. Others have us clean during the week. Due to the nature of our industry we perform our service at hours that go beyond the typical 8 to 5 business day. In other words we perform scheduled wash services at your convenience.

Call us today, and we will put together an affordable and protective cleaning solution regardless of the size of your fleet. BOOST DRIVER MORALE

Our Mobile Washing Division provides services on a variety of transport and construction equipment. Your drivers will thank you for making their trucks, trailers or operating equipment look brand new. Contract us for any of the following:

  • Semi-Trucks
  • Delivery Trucks / Vans
  • Buses
  • Flat Decks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Construction Equipment

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Keep Your customers happy and your property looking its best with Total Clean Team Inc.