Pavers or Stone Cleaning and Protecting

Bring Back That WOW Effect To Your HardScape

Pavers and natural stone are increasing popular choice for an outdoor living space. They are very durable with their own unique beauty. however, they are uncovered to the outdoor elements and require care to keep them looking fresh. Examine directly to analyze the greater elements that stain or harm your stone work and the way proactive cleansing and sealing can preserve their beauty.

Some outdoor elements that harm your stone could be:

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • mold & algae increase
  • Salting
  • Acid rain
Total Clean Team Care

After installation sealing pavers or natural stone, will help prevent the damaging effects of spills, food, oil, grease, leaves, and dust making them less difficult to maintain. During the colder winter months’ protection to salt, freeze-thaw cycle and acid rain is crucial. Best of all sealing stone work additions will help prevent mold, mildew, moss or fungus formation, leaving the natural beauty, you want worry free.

If your pavers or natural stone is already effected by the outdoor element’s Total Clean Team is here for you. we have a proprietary system formulated to deal with stains on pavers and stone. After getting rid of stubborn stains Total Clean Team applies a deep cleaning solution to the entire surface to be restored, this cleansing process gives life back to pavers and stone returning to its natural look. Next, a sealant, picked based on homeowner’s desire. The homeowner can choose from matte/natural finishes to wet look/color enhancing gloss finishes.

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