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Trash Cleaning Services

At Bin Wash, we specialize in providing top-notch cleaning and sanitization services for your trash cans. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, starting from the very source of waste disposal.

Does your trash can need cleaning?

Trash attracts flies, animals, and bacteria.

Most of us are afraid to look inside our bins, let alone clean them regularly. We use a hot water high-pressure rotating nozzle combined with an eco-friendly solution that can clean on the molecular level, ensuring your trash cans go from P/U to like new. Once cleaned your trash cans are put in a spot of your choice.

We do all the dirty work

The Bin Wash mobile cleaning team provides professional trash bin cleaning in Ontario. It doesn’t matter how many bins you need to be cleaned or if you are commercial or residential, we will always communicate with you to provide not only the cleanest bins you’ve ever seen but also the best customer service you’ve ever experienced.

Easy Procedure

Step 1

Pick a plan that suits you.
Start with a monthly cleaning or go with a bi-weekly or weekly plan. if it works for you it works for us.

Step 2

Tell us how many bins.
With the Trash Can Cleaners, all plans will come with 3 bins, any additional bins will be a $7.00 charge.

Step 3

Tell us your trash collection day.
Our expert team will put you on a route based on your trash collection day, once the trash is collected we will clean, sanitize and deodorize each bin.

Trash Cleaning Prices

Weekly - $14.99

Clean and sanitize bins weekly, deodorize bins to smell fresh to the next wash.

Bi-Weekly - $29.99

Clean and sanitize bins bi-weekly, deodorize bins to smell fresh to the next wash.

Monthly - $59.99

Clean and sanitize bins monthly, deodorize bins to smell fresh to the next wash.