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Commercial Services

Flat Roof

A clean roof offers additional benefits other than just being aesthetically pleasing. Regular cleaning can identify potential problem areas early on, avoiding costly repairs later. Also, clean roof membranes have a lower surface temperature than dirty ones, which increases the energy efficiency of the roof system

Solar Pannel

Canada is the ideal place to benefit from solar power. But it’s important to keep your Solar Panels Clean and Clear for Maximum Efficiency. Pollution, dust, leaves and bird droppings can prevent sunlight from reaching the solar cells.


When it comes to commercial pressure washing jobs, some companies just turn up the pressure and blast away. That kind of treatment can damage any surface (even concrete!) and cut through landscaped greenery, leaving your business property worse than it was.

Annual Maintenance Program

Need a little help keeping track of your maintenance schedule? To keep your home cleaned and protected year-round, consider taking advantage of Total Clean Teams preventative maintenance programs. Our annual service package makes it easy to have the best looking house on the block and allows you to bundle our house detailing services including gutter cleaning, house and roof washing and window cleaning. Now that you have a Total Clean Team of professionals you can sit back and enjoy the good things in life, we will remind you when it’s time for your next cleaning.