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Cedar Roof

Increase Resale Value, Increase Roof Existence, Increase Curb Appeal

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We carefully plan out everything. We follow a specific process that includes a service report, written estimate, timely service and a detailed and disciplined cleaning process. Our specialists are fully insured and trained, giving you peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best care from our educated teams.

Homeowners in the region are constantly replacing their Cedar Roofs prematurely due to the damaging effects of moss, lichen or black streaking (mold). These organisms feed off the organic material in Cedar. In other words, they eat your roof. The longer they go untreated, the more damage they will cause.

The Total Clean Team approach maximizes roof life. Our Soft-washing procedure is gentle and non-abrasive yet highly effective and efficient, giving us the ability to treat and ensure your cedar roof is free of infestations. We specialize in the proper care of your Cedar Roof. Using our tested solution and proven to work system, your Cedar Roof will look its best and last significantly longer than leaving it unclean.

Call us today, and we will put together an affordable, customized cleaning solution regardless the size of your Roof.

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Annual Maintenance Program

Need a little help keeping track of your maintenance schedule? To keep your home cleaned and protected year-round, consider taking advantage of Total Clean Teams preventative maintenance programs. Our annual service package makes it easy to have the best looking house on the block and allows you to bundle our house detailing services including gutter cleaning, house and roof washing and window cleaning. Now that you have a Total Clean Team of professionals you can sit back and enjoy the good things in life, we will remind you when it’s time for your next cleaning.